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Although high-risk organizations require greater scrutiny, all organizations must be assessed and reviewed continuously to prevent unwanted intrusions, both internal and external.  Protecting your company’s data and infrastructure should be a top priority, but you do not need to do it alone. The NorthEast Technology security team has the expertise to protect your company’s data and infrastructure. NorthEast Technology assists organizations in maintaining their network through our comprehensive program targeted in the following areas:

Managed IT Services

Managed Anti-Malware is our ongoing, managed-IT service that provides continuous updates and scans to managed equipment, which most importantly includes Windows-based workstations and servers, firewalls, and related equipment.

Backup/Data Recovery

Our team of experts will protect your data with encrypted, offsite, automated, real-time backup. This is proven to reduce downtime because we are using backup services that provide disk backup, file-level backup, and bare-metal restore for Windows-based servers, desktop computers, and mobile devices.

Securing Your Network

We provide an ongoing, managed-IT service that prevents intrusion, malware, and spam from entering the computer network through the Internet and can restrict website surfing of inappropriate sites by users and groups. This allows an organization’s marketing team to have access to Social Media sites, while it is blocked for others.


NorthEast Technology will enhance your firewall and if necessary replace older, insufficient firewalls to further safeguard your information.  Additionally, we can setup encrypted VPN access to allow employees to remotely access information safely, in a secure manner.


Business Continuity

Any time your computer network is unavailable, you are losing money. Our programs offer the effects of computer-network downtime by replicating your server environment in a secure data center. If your facility or your computer network are unavailable, for any reason, we have the capability to bring your server environment back online, with relatively minor disruption, to provide remote access to your key employees.