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Cloud & Hosting

How can we help? Our NorthEast Technology, Inc expert team offers hosting solutions in the following categories:

Productivity Suites – Applications that help you be more productive

Online Servers & Storage – Storing, retrieving and synchronizing files in the cloud

Prevention – Prevent malware, typically spam and related components

Backup & Recovery – Backing-up data and being able to recover it

Productivity suites

Microsoft built Office 365 on its popular, desktop-based, Microsoft Office suite which includes Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other applications. (The current versions are Office 2013 and Office 2016) Microsoft Office users will find Office 365 familiar because most versions include the Microsoft Office suite, which can be downloaded to your PC and to other compatible devices. Our customers receive ongoing support in each of these popular application from our NorthEast Technology, Inc. team.
Office 365 consists of these primary components:

  • Exchange Online – Email, calendar, contacts, and tasks
  • SharePoint Online – Document collaboration and management
  • Skype for Busininess – Online meetings with instant messaging and desktop sharing
  • Office Web Apps – Cloud versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote


Prevention is a necessary evil; it is critical in keeping end-users safe from external threats like spam, malware, and viruses.
Our team provides solutions for this that have worked for years. Our ​Cloud-oriented Prevention includes:

  • Email protection – Control spam plus encrypt and archive emails
  • End-point security – Secure end-user computers against attacks
  • Web filtering – Prevent unauthorized access to undesired websites

Email protection is wholly Cloud-based, but end-point security tools usually deploy an application onto the end-user computer while web filtering requires at least an adjustment to (ie: setup a proxy server), or an application installed on, the end-user computer.
Key email-protection options:

  • Administration – Easy setup and enforcement
  • Effectiveness – Works reliably and consistently
  • End-user interface – Intuitive, secure, and easy-to-use
  • Granularity – Allows multi-level policies and permissions

Online Servers and Storage

The basic premise is that your data is stored in the Cloud and is available from any location on any device, and is synchronized between devices. Our custom NorthEast Technology, Inc. online solution includes these minimum features:

  • Online servers for files and applications
  • Synchronization across multiple computers
  • Easy access from mobile devices and PCs via downloadable client software
  • Direct access to files through a web browser
  • File sharing with other users

In addition, other upgrade options can include:

  • Access control – Define and control who can access what, where, and when
  • Additional storage – Purchase extra storage once your limit is exceeded
  • Auditing – Identify and record what files are stored where and by whom
  • Integration – Integrate with other platforms (i.e.: Active Directory)
  • Security – Enable advanced encryption and security techniques

Backup & Recovery

Backup ​&​ Recovery automatically copies files and folders to an offsite location at periodic intervals. It is similar to Storage, but is unique in that these files are held separately, unchanged, for the purpose of restoration (recovery) if the original files become unavailable.
​Our team will take care of it all!​
Recovery is the reason for backups. The most common recovery scenarios:

  • A user changes a document and then wishes to retrieve the previous version.
  • Changes are saved to a template document, rather than creating a new file.
  • An upgrade to an application fails and corrupts its data files.
  • Access is needed to a deleted file.

We look forward to providing you with the services that best meet your business needs!