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Accounting IT Accounting

Accounting firms are just one of the many specialty clients we service at NorthEast Technology Inc. We understand the sensitivity of the information and the necessity for secure systems within your accounting IT services. We provide encryption for laptops, e-mail and back-ups to ensure that your infrastructure and data are always protected. Our secure online solution allows you to back-up as much data as you desire for one fee. You also can back-up and restore your data anywhere!

NorthEast Technology, Inc. is proud of the expertise we can offer our accounting firm clients and design targeted service plans based on each individual company’s needs. We have expertise in accounting specific applications within the CCH Family.  Some of the CCH and other accounting applications we support are ProFx Tax, ProFx Engagement, ProFx Document and ProFx Scan, Lacerte, QuickBooks, Research Tool, RIA Checkpoint, Smart E-Tools, XCM Solutions, Thomson Reuters and more.

We look forward to understanding your specific needs and together, creating a service plan that works for you. Contact us today!

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MassCPAs Corporate Partner

We maintain 24/7 Support Plans for CPA firms around their four most critical tax dates.