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Wireless Networks Wireless

Our NorthEast Technology, Inc. team knows the importance of an effective wireless network. There is no time for it to be down or slow. Immediate access to documents, emails , applications and other network resources is critical to boosting your company’s productivity. Our team is valuable to you because we ensure that your network is up to speed and secure so that your business can run efficiently. We will educate you on how to support your network, with or without our help, and your costs can be kept to a minimum because your employees can focus on what they do best — their jobs!

Here are just some of the many benefits and ways that our clients take advantage of our Wireless Network Services:

Increased Mobility and Collaboration

  • Roam without losing your connection
  • Employees who use your wireless network can securely roam around your office or to different floors without losing their connection

Improved Responsiveness

  • Connect to the information you need when you need it
  • A wireless network can improve customer service by connection staff to the information they need
  • A doctor in a small medical office can securely access online patient files while moving between exam rooms, or a retail sales person can check on available inventory necessary to write up orders on the showroom floor

Better Access to Information

  • Connect hard-to-reach areas
  • Wireless networks allow a business to bring network secure access to areas that would be difficult to connect to a wired network

Easier Network Expansion

  • Add users quickly
  • Desks can be moved and new employees can be added to the network without the effort and cost required to run cables and wires

Enhanced Guest Access

  • Give secure network access to customers and business partners
  • Retailers, restaurants, hotels and other public-facing businesses can provide this as a unique and secure service


We can’t wait to make your network do its best for your business! Contact us today.