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NorthEast Technology is a Massachusetts Statewide Contract ITC73 IT Hardware and Services Certified state vendor.

School IT requirements are changing constantly!

In fact, a successful school day is dependent on it! A school IT infrastructure needs to be able to change at an incredible pace so that teachers and students have minimal interruptions to their school day. Our team connects users through knowledge-sharing networks that allows individuals and teams to collaborate and share information across the network to solve problems via chats, file servers and/or SharePoint.

In addition, our team of experts will manage and monitor your systems around the clock so that your staff and administrators can focus on your student’s experiences rather than troubleshooting them. We can’t wait to take the IT burden off your backs so that you can help prepare your students for the next generation! Contact us today.

 Effective Strategies

We support and standardize processes to efficiently meet the demands of the many departments, schools, and organizations that IT supports.

 Competitive Landscape

We help differentiate you in the market based on the services you offer to students. Our job is to keep your institution ahead of the game.


We help educational institutions scale to meet expanding needs even when you are without a proportionate increase in your budgets for the latest hardware, software and IT personnel. We ensure that you can handle the ever-increasing challenges and still improve your functions on a tight budget.

Cost Reductions

We work with you to reduce capital expense and operating expense costs while maintaining the highest levels of security and privacy.


  •   Network setup, support, and monitoring
  •   IT staff support and augmentation
  •   One-to-one program setup and roll-out (iPads, Chromebooks)
  •   Student Information Systems (wireless networks)
  •   School Management Systems (Google for Education)
  •   State reporting and testing (SBAC, CALPADS)
  •   Process review, consulting, and improvement
  •   Data Integration and Reporting Solutions