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Technology Evaluation

Many of our customers do not know the current state of their technology. They look to North East Technology to provide them with a technology evaluation on what they are using today and how we can improve upon it.

Here are some of the common questions we will answer for you:

  • Are you paying the right prices for your server hardware and software?
  • Do you have problems connecting to the office from home?
  • Am I using a server(s) that is out-of-date?
  • What do you do with your old equipment?
  • Do you have the correct Internet connection for your business?
  • Is your Blackberry or mobile device updating email quickly?
  • Are you performing automated software installations?
  • Is your wireless network setup properly?
  • What is your remote access solution?
  • Does your company have an antivirus solution?
  • Are you testing your backup solution?

The North East Technology team will start with you. We want to know your biggest pain points before we begin our technology evaluation to understand your business.

Once the technology evaluation is complete, we will present out finding to you with the recommended approach that best suits your business. Contact us today.